Tips for understanding medical tests/conditions

This may be obvious for some of you folks… you know, along the lines of “check Google or Wikipedia.” But even for someone young and technologically savvy (not to mention handsome ;)) as myself, I’m still kind of surprised about this:

Curious what a medical condition or test looks like? Check Youtube.

Yesterday I was trying to understand what a Trendelenberg gait was, and I wasn’t exactly understanding the wikipedia explanation. Turns out there are videos on Youtube to show exactly what it looks like.

I’ve done this in the past so I could see common tests like the Hawkin’s sign or Neer’s sign. It beats trying to read about it.

(Howard Zimmerle is a personal injury attorney in Rock Island and Moline Illinois, practicing in Illinois and Iowa).



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  4. Recently I had an ultrasound that showed a nabothian cyst on one of my ovaries and something resembling a gestational sac in my uterus but pregnancy test was negative. I then had a mammogram that showed a dominant mass and another kind of mass my breasts, and then my blood work showed elevated alkaline phos. Does any of this add up? Has anyone else experienced any of these test results? And what did it all add up to? I Am scheduled for more testing, but wonder if anyone out there has expeienced simular test results?

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