New Iowa Cases – Three Interesting Ones

Hi folks… I’m swamped with actual work now, so too busy to blog much. Priorities and such, you know?

I did want to bring to your attention three new Iowa Appellate cases that may be of interest.

1. A UIM carrier can contract around the 10 year statute of limitations. Think you potentially have a UIM claim? Better check your policy, ASAP!

2. In Iowa Dram Shop Cases, the statute of limitations begins to run when notice is sent to the bar/tavern, not when the accident or injury happens. This is huge.

3. An interesting discussion of the “F word”. Apparently it’s not as f-ing shocking as it was in the 1880s (partially due to Rod Blagojevich… just read the opinion).

Read, enjoy, and comment if you want. Back to the salt mines for me.

(Howard Zimmerle is an accident and injury lawyer in the Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities)


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One response to “New Iowa Cases – Three Interesting Ones

  1. Funny how you say “not” as shocking as the 1880’s. Pretty sure if I said the F word when I was growing up my mouth would be washed with soap! 😛

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