Fantastic Article on How to Pick a Law School

I’ve seen many articles in my time about how to pick a law school, but this one is the best.

From the article:

3. Determine if students play intramural sports. Drinking games count. Some law schools have such an intense vibe that no one will take the time to play in any leagues. Or, worse, the team gets signed up for but everyone becomes too busy to actually play. This is a glaring sign that you’ve chosen the wrong school.

4. Go sit in the law school library for a half-hour. Pretend to read a newspaper and check to see how often the students smile or laugh when interacting with each other. If no one ever smiles or laughs it’s a horrible sign.

Seriously, although this is a funny piece in all (especially the midget lover part) it’s full of actual, good advice that you won’t read anywhere else.

Tip of the hat to Above the Law.


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