Jury Duty – it’s not about the case, it’s about the dating potential

One of my paralegals alerted me to this article on MSN today – 10 offbeat places to meet guys. Of note: #3 – Jury Duty.

 Having never picked up a guy or served on a jury myself, I can only imagine how that works. It makes sense – you spend 8 hours a day with someone for days or weeks at a time. Plus, your fellow jurors probably dress better, smell better, and have shorter arrest records than many people one could meet at the courthouse.

One little tip – if you’re making doe eyes at hunky Juror #7 and want to ask him out, you might want to wait until the trial is over. Nothing like deliberations to bring out a person’s true colors. If you disagree though, congrats – you’ve already had your first fight.

On a side note – if you end up marrying someone you met on a jury, send a note to the attorneys who tried the case. Personally, I’d love something neat like that to come out of one of my cases.



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2 responses to “Jury Duty – it’s not about the case, it’s about the dating potential

  1. Don’t leave out the lawyers and the judges. If you remember, Roy Black ended up marrying one of the William Kennedy Smith jurors. I really like to know exactly how that went down! I also read a case about a judge marrying a juror but I could not find it after a quick Google search.

  2. I have a habit of talking with jurors after every trial. After a trial last year, while talking with a group of jurors, another juror walked by and said something like “See you later at such and such bar”. Everyone not in this brief conversation raised their eyebrows. I agree with your point. http://www.jonpgroth.com

    As an aside, I’d love for jurors to let me know whether they find true love while on my juries too!


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