Jury selection – do I pick more men or women?

Picking a jury is one of the most discussed and agonized-over topics in all of trial practice. One of the big questions is demographics – what types of people should be on the jury?

I’ve always believed that pure demographics (age, sex, income, race) don’t help much, if at all, when picking a jury. Many lawyers feel differently. For example, some plaintiff’s lawyers believe that a jury made up of women will be more sympathetic to the plaintiff’s side.

This probably isn’t true. From the PsyBlog comes a review of thousands of studies about the differences between men and women. Turns out, men and women think pretty much the same way. The lesson – when picking a jury, don’t look at sex/gender, but look at the specific attitudes of the individual.

(Howard Zimmerle is a Rock Island accident attorney)


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