Speeding? Illinois will take your license.

Illinois is wierd sometimes. I haven’t been pulled over since I’ve lived here (knock on wood… do it!), but I’ve heard from people who have, that the police will confiscate your driver’s license when you get a ticket.

That never made sense to me.

Apparently Illinois is the only state in the nation that does this. The above-linked article discusses the practice, and points out that in modern life, things like getting on an airplane or buying Nyquil are impossible without a drivers license.

Of course, Illinois does allow residents to get State-issued ID cards in addition to their license… I’d say it seems like a good idea to get one until this crazy law gets changed.


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One response to “Speeding? Illinois will take your license.

  1. jad

    Illinois is broke and they have to give tickets to get this state out of mess. You better watch every move you make in this broke state.

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