Get your client’s past claim history!

Insurance companies have a leg up on us. They have access to databases that will tell them about every insurance claim your client has ever filed.

I’ve asked clients about past claims, past accidents and past complaints of similar injuries. Many can remember things well, but very, very often a client will claim that they never had back problems before, and get impeached by a defense attorney who shows records of past low back claims.

It hurts. I don’t let it happen to my clients when I know about prior claims or complaints… but how do you know?

Miller and Zois have the answer. They know of a place where you can get your client’s records from the very same database I mentioned earlier for $25. I think this should be done in nearly every case… and absolutely in every large case.

Oh, and you might be asking “who are Miller and Zois?” They are a firm in Maryland who puts out not only a great informational blog, but a fantastic attorney help center with sample depositions, motions, discovery, etc. It’s Maryland law, but much of the stuff can be of great help to practitioners in any state.



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2 responses to “Get your client’s past claim history!

  1. Teflon Stevens

    This is really is a good idea!

  2. Thanks, Tef! Hope I can help.

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