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Quick tip – responding to requests to admit

Here’s a Did You Know:

 Did you know that answers to requests to admit in Illinois must be SERVED on the opposing party?

Don’t mail them. Serve them.

(Howard Zimmerle is an accident lawyer in Moline, Illinois)

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Quick tip – Illinois affidavits

If you submit an affidavit in Illinois under Rule 191 (ie supporting/resisting summary judgment) the affidavit MUST say that the witness can competently testify to the facts recited therein.

Simple enough, but I’ll bet many people forget this requirement or don’t know it at all. Just add this sentence at the end of every affidavit you do.

(Howard Zimmerle is a personal injury attorney serving the Quad City area)

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Well, if the whole “law” thing doesn’t work out

Wow. A guy I knew from law school, Dustin Dirksen, just won over $380,000 at a world series of poker event. He had always been very serious about poker – more so than law school. Looks like he probably made the right choice.

(Howard Zimmerle is an attorney practicing in Iowa and Illinois)

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